A Pastel Buffet 😍💗 Hilton Tokyo【Yumekawa Home Party】

ENGLISH  2018.04.27

The Hilton Tokyo「A Midsummer’s “Yumekawa” Home Party」~Summer Dessert Buffet~

The Hilton Tokyo in Odaiba will be holding a super cute “yumekawa” themed buffet, running from the 1st of June until the 2nd of August 💕🐻
The huge variety of pastel coloured sweets are amazingly photogenic ✨🧡 They’ll be serving all kinds of summer fruits and shaved ice, including peaches, watermelon, melon, grape, lychee and more 🍉☀

Today we’ll be introducing you to this unique menu♪🤗

  • 🎀We can go anywhere~ Unicorn Vanilla Bavaroa

  • 🎀I’m Serious About This Unrequited Love Melon & Marcapone Flower Bouquet Cream Cake
  • 🎀Even If You Wake Up From This Dream… Whole Watermelon Cake
  • 🎀Like A Dream Come True Melty Unicorn Cupcakes
  • 🎀Your Favourite Me   Snow Shaved Ice in Vanilla & Mango

🎀You’re Even More Beautiful Than This! Rainbow Cream Tart

  • 🎀Become Covered In Ribbons Pink Chocolate Fudge Cake
    • What did you think?♪
      Even the appearance and names are cute…!💘 We’re sure you’ll enjoy this yumekawa menu ✨

    🐻Detailed Information
    「Midsummer’s “Yumekawa” Home Party」~Summer Dessert Buffet~ Overview
    Venue: Seascape Terrace Dining (2F)
    Dates: 06/01 ~  09/02
    Hours:1st Session:15:00~16:30 (90 Minutes) / 2nd Session:16:45~17:30 (Express Buffet 45 Minutes)
    Price: 1st Session: Weekdays: 1 Adult: 3,400 / Child: 2,040 — Weekends: 1 Adult: 3,800 / Child: 2,280 ~~ 2nd Session: Weekdays: 1 Adult: 2,400 / Child: 1,440 — Weekends: 1 Adult: 2,800 / Child: 1,680

  • ※Tax/Service charged seperately  ※Children ages 6-11
    Official Website:http://hiltonodaiba.jp/plans/restaurants/4780

  • Hilton Sweets Official Site:http://dining.hiltonhotels.jp/sweets/