“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎ 量産型ヲタクさんや地雷系の女の子にぴったりなアクセサリーなどのファッション小物やサンリオキャラクターの雑貨やインテリアを販売しています❤︎

 💋 Akaguchi Mimu’s Makeup Collection 💋

 🎀 #4『Dark & Girly 🌹 Cool Doll Makeup』

Hello everybody!


I’ll be introducing you to the latest trends and fashion through illustrations 💓
Recently I’ve been showing you a lot of cute styles such as bunny makeup, and on-trend pink or yellow looks but… There are times when you want to show off your dark side too 🌹

With that, today I’ll be showing you how to do Dark & Girly 🌹Cool Doll Makeup 💄💋


The main focus is using Bloody Red shades

This is how your makeup will look once it’s complete 😊
The main focus is that we’ll be using bloody red shades 🌹

Rather than a bright red, we’ll be using a colour that looks like dripping blood 💓

We’ll start off with the eye makeup, then move on to the lips! 💕


Eye Makeup

Use a pitch black eyeliner and blood red eye shadow for a dark impression 🌹
Add some thin false lashes for a gorgeous dolly appearance 💕

You only need to use a single eye shadow colour shade on your eyelids!
By using less colours, your makeup will have more impact ✨
Surround your eye with eyeshadow, using it on your upper eyelid and lower eyelid for more depth 🌹

There are tons of different ways that you can apply your eye shadow!
The upper left illustration shows the method I just described, while the upper right show shows the look only using eye shadow on the upper eyelid. The lower left shows eye shadow on only the lower eyelid, and the lower right uses brown and highlighting shades to create a gradient ✨
They all leave pretty different impressions, right? 😳

Let’s master all of the different application methods! 💕


Lip Makeup

For your lips, use a deep red that matches your eye shadow! 💕
Use a matte lipstick to achieve a more ladylike atmosphere 💋

If you have thin lips, we recommend overdrawing with a lip liner 💖



Before and After

The no-makeup illustration is on the left, while todays “after” image is on the right 🐰
The contrast of the dark red makeup and bright colour contacts leaves a mature, dolly impression 💋

Top it off with a light cheek highlight ✨


Recap: Black & Girly 🌹 Cool Doll Makeup

 🎀 Use a blood red instead of a vivid red
 🎀 Surround your eyes with eye shadow
 🎀 Use a matte lipstick for a ladylike impression

What did you think?
This sweet yet spicy makeup goes perfectly with the sweet yet spicy atmosphere of dark, girly fashion! Try this cool look next time you dress up 💖

I’ll see you in the next article ✨



Akaguchi Mimu
Girls fashion illustrator.
A yumekawaii and girly illustrator with the concept of “Still within a dream.” Their drawings represent a girls desire to be cute.
Using dreamy colours and fashionable clothing, their illustrations have become popular with girls in their teens and twenties.

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“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎