\Cast a magic spell..!♡/

Today we’ve gathered up some of the magical words spoken by magical girls from shoujo manga and anime throughout the decades!
They’re listed in chronological order. 🎀


Opening a compact to cast their spell or
Twirling their magical wand whilst speaking the magical words…♡
Which magical girl transformation is your favourite? 🐰💗

Our heart-racing, nostalgic magical girl roundup begins here! ♡💄

『Tekumaku Mayakon Tekumaku Mayakon, Turn Into OO ♡』

ベストフィールド創立10周年記念企画 第5弾 想い出のアニメライブラリー 第29集 ひみつのアッコちゃん DVD-BOX デジタルリマスター版 Part2

(💄1962 / Himitsu no Akko-chan)
A compact that let’s you transform into anyone you want! 🎀💗
Have you tried whispering her spell into your compact mirror? 💖

『Honey Flash!!』

キューティーハニー VOL.1 [DVD]

(💋 1973 / Cutie Honey)
A cute and sexy girl – Cutie Honey! ♡
Her sexy transformation scene would leave anybodies heart racing… 💗😍

『Panpuru Pinpuru Pamu Poppun』

サンスター 魔法の天使 クリィミーマミ 手帳 2016 マンスリー B6 グリーン S2934370

(⭐ 1983 / Magical Angel Creamy Mami)
This anime has a yumekawaii vibe with it’s pastel colours! 🎀
Her magical compact and wand also come in sweet pastel shades. 💗

『Pararin Ririkaru Parapora Magikaru』

魔法のスター マジカルエミ DVD-BOX(全話)[import] [PAL]

(💐 1985 / Magical Star Magical Emi)
After saying the magic words, she transforms into Magical Emi! 💖🎉
She twirls her wand to begin her magnifique transformation. 💫

『Moon Prism Power! Make Up ♡』

美少女戦士セーラームーン 完全版(1)

(🌙 1992 / Pretty Solider Sailor Moon)
Even now, Sailor Moon is hugely popular! 💖
Surely all anime fans will know this transformation spell?
Wrapped in ribbons… Hearts everywhere… There’s no denying that this transformation scene is super kawaii! ♡

『Piirika Pirirara Poporina Peeperuto♬』



(🍬 1999 / Ojamajo Doremi)
Those are protagonist Doremi’s magical words! ♡
The following transformation scene is filled with cute pops and puffs!
A lot of girls have probably copied her tapping actions… 💭

『Mew Mew Strawberry, Metamorphose!』

東京ミュウミュウ なかよし60周年記念版(7)<完> (KCデラックス なかよし)

(🍓2000 / Tokyo Mew Mew)
As spoken by Mew Ichigo, the main protagonist! ♡
Her adorable transformation is covered with cat motifs. 💗

『Pink Pearl Voice ♡』

ぴちぴちピッチ(5) (なかよしコミックス)

(🐚 2002 / Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)
The heroine’s transformation spell is so cute! ♡
The girls transform from mermaids into human singers. 💫

『Sugar Sugar Rune, Chocorune ♡』

シュガシュガルーン(1) (なかよしコミックス)

(✡ 2003 / Sugar Sugar Rune)
Heroine Chocola speaks those magical words! ♡
After checking their opponents heart, the girls transform into witches. 💫
Don’t you just love Chocola’s jewel-encrusted magical wand..? 💗


ふたりはプリキュア1 プリキュアコレクション (ワイドKC なかよし)

(⭐2004 / Futari Wa Precure)
From the super popular Precure series! ♡
The latest series, “HUGUtto! Precure”, is currently airing as of 2018. 🎬💓

『Fan Fan Fine! Ran Ran Rein! Prominence Dress Up ♡』

ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫 10 [DVD]

(💙 2005 / Fushigiboshi no☆Futago Hime❤)
Transforming from their uniforms into frilly dresses… 💭
Their gorgeous compact is has a luxurious feeling appearance! ♡

Did that jog your memory a little..? ♡🐻

All these cute and POP magical spells have surely left you in a positive mood! ♫

We hope that all of your days are magical~ ♡


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