♡Transform your hair at home! We’ll guide you through the process♡
♡Colourful, flashy hair within your budget♡


Black hair? Brown hair? Blonde hair?
Nope, my hair colour isn’t as normal as that!✨


Do you want unique hair this summer?💘
If you do, we’ll show you how add vivid colours to your hair from home.

“What kind of hair dye is there?” “What are hair treatments and hair manicures?” “How should I care for my hair so that it doesn’t get damaged?”
We’ll answer all of your questions ♡

Even beginners can totally transform their hair!💗


🎀step1: First off is bleach!🎀

First you have to prepare your hair for the dye. This means bleaching it.
Colourful shades will develop best on platinum blonde hair, so make sure to bleach it beforehand💓


White Bleach

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ワイエス パーク プロフェッショナル
売り上げランキング: 1,217

This bleach is popular for it’s relatively painless yet strong colour lifting💎
(Effect may vary by person)


🎀step2:Time to dye! 🎀

Now that you’re done with the bleach, it’s time to move on to the exciting part – dying your hair 💖
But what dye is best for colourful hair? What options are there?
From here on, we’ll show you some of the most popular colourful dyes✨

♡Hair Treatment♡

These treatments will treat both the colour and condition of your hair ♡
Since the ingredients are natural and include very few organic solvents, your hair will stay soft and healthy during the process💖



マニックパニック カラークリーム コットンキャンディーピンク
MANIC PANIC JP (2010-11-18)
売り上げランキング: 7,236

Often referred to as ManiPani. They’re probably the most famous vivid hair dye brand ♡
They also offer a huge variety of colours ✨


💖Ancels Colour Treatment💜

クリップジョイント カラーバター ショッキングパープル 200g
売り上げランキング: 1,977

A colour butter made in Japan with a coconut scent.
The 200g pot will provide plenty of coverage, especially for those with longer hair✨


♡Hair Manicure♡

A hair manicure will add colour to your hair just like a manicure 💅
They contain stronger components than a regular hair treatment, meaning they’re 髪をeasy to use and the colour is longer lasting💄
On the other hand, they’re more likely to damage your hair due to their strength, so be careful!

💖Stargazer Hair Colour Rinse💜

アレス スターゲイザー ヘアーカラーリンス 70ml 24ウルトラブルー
Ares  Stargazer Hair Colour Rinse 70ml 24 Ultra Blue


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売り上げランキング: 273,211

Easy to use and great coverage for the size ✨
While it contains less dye, it’s super cheap at only ¥1000💕

💖MAJI Colour💜

エンシェールズ ヘアマニキュア マジカラー 蛍光ベジグリーン 240g
売り上げランキング: 124,163

Alongside their super popular colour butter, Ancels also produce a vivid hair manicure series.
They offer super vivid colours that are impossible to achieve with a colour butter! 💘

Their handy tutorial video shows just how easy it is to use✨

🎀step3: Preventing damage… After-dye hair care🎀

After dying your hair, you have to keep an eye out for damage.
Once you’ve added colour to your hair, finish off with a hair repairing shampoo and conditioner💗

デミ ミレアムヘアケア シャンプー800ml&コンデショナー800mlセット
デミ コスメティクス
売り上げランキング: 2,631
BOTANIST ボタニカルシャンプー 490ml & トリートメント 490g モイストセット
売り上げランキング: 457


🎀Bonus:Temporary Colour🎀

For an incredible and original look,
why not try using some hair chalk for a unique colour blend?✨

ロレアル プロフェッショナル ヘアチョーク コーラル 50ml
売り上げランキング: 68,921

It’s easy to draw with since it doesn’t drip like the liquid dye💕
This comes out after just one wash, so it’s ideal for events or strict school rules!


What did you think?

Cheap and time friendly…
Budget and DIY
Try transforming your hair at home♡

We can’t wait to see your new and original hair colour💗✨


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