♡What is Girly?

“Girly” style is defined by it’s girlish, sweet, and romantic appearance. It is often influenced by Medieval and Renaissance Europe, as well as fairy tales and picture books. It’s more youthful than feminine, often featuring flower, ribbon, and other cute motifs.


Girlish・Flowers・Ribbon・Hearts with Arrows・Teddy Bears・Europe・Dolls

(🌹)Reference Pictures

Melting In “Kawaii”♡ Colourful Teatime “Design Sugar”
A Dream Come True..♥ Yumekawa Photo Studio AtelierFuwary

(🌹)Commonly Used Colours

Dusty Pink

(🌹)Reference Hair & Makeup

Use doll makeup and weave ribbons through your hair.

ドールメイク・レッスン キュート (美人開花miniシリーズ)


Worldwide Girly Yumekawa Cosmetics♡Round-Up♡

(🌹)Reference Magazines

「LARME」  (Tokumashoten)


LARME(ラルム)029  2017年9月号[雑誌]

(🌹)Commonly Used Fashion

A-line dresses, white dresses, flared skirts, frill blouses, flower prints, gingham, lace, straw hats, cherry print, strawberry print etc…

Dreamy Summer Style!❤Honey Cinnamon Summer Exhibition🍒

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100% Girly♡ Romantic & Girly Brands《Roundup》

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#momo’s girly ootd Vol.01🌹 #Girly Coords w/ Fur


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