The magical items you’ve been longing for💕
Jewerylic Mirror is born… 💞🌟


Brand visuals and character design produced by popular illustrator, Yayoi ❤

From Fukuya corperation comes a new brand,
with the concept of “The ‘kawaii’ girls have always asked for.”
The era of “Jewerylic Mirror” has begun 💓

Made for adults who love “kawaii”,
Their items are dreamy, sparkly, and nostalgic ✨

The brand visuals and character design were all produced Yayoi,
A super popular girly illustrator 💖
She’s decorated the new products with illustrations that will tickle any girls’ heart 🍒

There are tons of adorable, yumekawa items 💗

The Story of Jewerylic Mirror 🎀


“Jewerylic Mirror” is the story of Princess and Witch 💝

The two must gather “Jewril”, casting “kawaii” magic with the mysterious Jewerylic Mirror💕

New Items🌟A Sweet Blusher / The Jewerylicpact…❤


First in a new line of products,
The compact used by the Jewrylic Girls’,
The Jewerylicpact💓  (Released 2018/10)

The Jewerylicpact is a compact featuring
Ribbon and heart motifs.
There are two styles available  – Princess Pink and Witchy Red 💘

Each style contains a different cheek powder;
Princess “Peach Candy”
Witchy “Pure Apricot” 💗

Either colour will leave your cheeks with a soft, girly finish 🍬


Hidden beneath the palette is a mirror and pocket, perfect for storing accessories or small cosmetics💕

We can’t wait to see what else Jewerylic Mirror produces 💖✨


Perfect for girls 🍓
Check out Jewrylic Mirror for more heart-pounding items 💖✨

🎀Official Site

Fukuya Cooperation HP

🎀Item Details

Jewerylic Pact  Sugar Cheek
 (Peach Candy / Pure Apricot)

Product Body Size: 70×62×34mm
Materials: Acrylic, ABS
Origin: Compact Body: China / Contents: Japan

※Photos are samples. Colours, contents may differ.