Squishy jelly beads, perfect for yumepuni (dreamy squishy) beads artists 💘

Have even more fun making bracelets with these jelly-like beads 🌟


Squish squish 💛 Twinkle twinkle 🌟
These new beads are made using
a super squish-able gel 💝

From SEGA Toys comes the new
PuniGel YumePuni Beads Artist” which will be released on October 25th 💞
These sparkly, yumekawaii accessories will shake a girls heart! This dreamlike item will fulfil all of your wishes 🌟

Clear, sparkly, and way too cute!💕 PuniGel accessories.


18 types of beads to play with 🌟

There will be 12 types of normal beads alongside 6 special 3D designs to use in your own creations 🌙
When you see all these adorable beads, the excitement just won’t stop, right…? 💕

Why not try making your own accessories? 🍰 Try using the magical wand parts to make a yumekawa magical girl bracelet! 💝

Make accessories that are filled with dreams~💘


You can make your own bracelets and necklaces using the silicone band that is provided with the beads! 💖 Try combining “PuniGel” charms with your own to create your own, totally original designF…💞
The excitement just won’t stop…✨

If you enjoy making your own accessories or making bead art, this is a must-check 🍓❤

🎀Product Information🎀

Product Name: PuniGel YumePuni Beads Artist
Materials: PE, silicone, polyester, PP, PET, PMMA, iron, paper
Cost: ¥4,500
Official Site: