Fill these with your favourite character 💕


What is「fanfancy+」?

“Spend the day with your favourite character
is the theme of this bag and accessory Itayumekawaii brand,
A concept that hasn’t been done before!💕

Their hope is that
You can spend the day with your favourite characters,
Whilst surrounded by your favourite colours 💓

The main visual features Misako Aoki
A super popular Lolita model 💖
You can already tell it’ll be a must-have item…!


Who thought Itabags could be this cute?💞
「Palette Lily Tote Bag」reservations are now open!💗


For your beloved favourite character 💕
Show your love with this new bag 💖

Their first series includes the “Palette Lily Tote Bag”,
A window tote bag that is covered in frills!
Reservations are now open 💘

It comes in 3 shades:
Honey Pink, Baby Blue, and Pavilio Black ✨
Try matching your bag with your coordinate 💘

Perfect for taking out with you❤
Convenient and cute!✨


There is a large vinyl pocket on the front💕
Plus, if you’re not great at inserting your badges or keychains, or perhaps if you’re a beginner,
The bag comes with two detachable clothes, in the colours of your choice, that can be easily inserted and removed 🌠

With a solid cloth that can be fixed into place, you can easily arrange your badges and key chains in a cute and original design that only you can imagine 🍒

Having an “Oshi” character can be cute and fun..! 🌟


Carry your cute and convenient bag with pride 💞

The bag comes in an A3 size,
Making it not only possible to fill with plenty of goods,
But also you can carry everything you require inside it 💓

Add the magic of “kawaii” to your daily life with your favourite character ❤💕

Reservation & Official Site 💕