A cheap accessory store in HARAJUKU

Right outside the station, at the top of Takeshita Street!
A cheap accessory store where everything is just ¥324💗

With new items every day, we’ll be introducing you to this Harajuku hotspot 🐰🎀

♡ALL ¥324 – Accessories as far as the eye can see~

These poppin’ hair accessories have a Harajuku vibe 💖
We want them all 😻
Pile them up for a cute, summery look!

It seems that they stock a lot of unicorn hair accessories too 🎀
The dreamy colours will make your heart race…💜

Perfect for festivals!
Try wearing your favourite shade of flower 🌷

These flower hair accessories are perfect for a Japanese summer festival 🌸✨
You could match your hair accessory with your favourite yukata 😊
Perhaps you could even wear them to a wedding or formal event..!

We also found this super cute clip-on mini hat 👒💕

♡ There were so many earrings and ear piercings!

With classic designs and cute oversized motifs,
PARIS KIDS have so many styles to play with 💗

These cherry earrings are super on-trend 🍒❤
The bright red, girly cherries will certainly catch your eye 👀✨

Here are some gummy-style bear earrings!💗
They may be small but they’ll add personality to any coordinate 🐻
By the way, this product is the staffs top recommendation 🎀

Are these real candies or earrings..!? 🍬💘
You can find all kinds of fruit and candy motif earrings to sweeten up your day… 🐻

We found even more food-themed products! 😊🍳
The fried egg motif products are especially popular 💗

♡ You can even find yumekawaii accessories…!

A must-have item for any girly girl – A ribbon 🎀
You can choose your favourite colour and style 😻
Which one will you pick~?

They have so many variations of heart earrings…😂💕
While the clear designs are super popular, the smaller designs are subtle and easy to use 💋

The staff recommended these chokers! 🎶
From simple, easy to coordinate, black chokers…
To cute and feminine pastel chokers 💖

These dreamy necklaces come in a variety of milky pastel shades 💘

Don’t these necklaces look like something a magical girl would wear!? 💖
They emit a slightly nostalgic atmosphere~
It’d be fun to share them among three friends 🐰

♡ Didn’t they only stock accessories…?!

These gingham and sparkly hearts are too cute 💖
Actually, these key holders are popular with adult women too 🎀

A rainbow-coloured unicorn keychain… 🌈
They have a 3D appearance which stands out 👀✨

Sparkly unicorn silhouettes 💖
If you love collecting unicorn products,
Hurry on down to PARIS KIDS! 💨

There’s even more instore!

♡Check out PARIS KIDS official social media!





♡Exciting, cute, and cheap!

PARIS KIDS delivers cute, on-trend goodies at super low prices 💋💕

You’ll lose track of time, browsing their huge range~
Your new favourite accessory is waiting for you instore💍✨
It’s less busy at lunch-time on weekdays, so plan your next visit soon! 😊

Take your time alone, or have fun browsing with friends,
And shop until you drop!🐻🎀


💜PARIS KIDS Harajuku Store
・Address:  Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 1-19-8, Harajuku Family Building 1F, 〒150-0001
・Phone: 03-6825-7650
・Opening Hours:
 Mon~Sat: 10:00-20:00
 Sun: 9:00-20:00

💜Official Website (Ships Internationally)

※Photography instore is prohibited.
※Products displayed may be sold out. Please take note.