♡DEAR MY LOVE× Oishi Ran♡
♡New Collaboration Items♡

Dreamv/Oishi Ran

The theme is “the theme park within a girls heart” 🎠

The fairy tale brand “DEAR MY LOVE” has collaborated with popular girls illustrator, Oishi Ran 💕
This “Melancholic・Fairy Tale・Land” themed collection features collaboration designs which will be available to order from the Yumetenbou website on July 10th ✨

♡Who is Oishi Ran?♡


Born in Fukuoka. Graduated from Tokyo University.
Her autobiographical essay, “If you keep on wearing those clothes you’ll look stupid”, was featured in spoon magazine. From there, she gained attention and began writing
She has also started activities as an illustrator, drawing a comic essay, “Delusion girl, Aiming for Tokyo Uni”, even holding a solo exhibition titled “This Won’t Become A Shoujo Manga” ✨

▷♡Oishi Ran’s exhibition feature ♡

♡Travel to a fantasy world with these 3-colour coordinates…♡

Melancholic Fairy Tale Land is the theme park within a girls heart.
Even if you’re feeling glum, these dresses will transport you to a dream world…🎀

A pink coord, a white coord, and a brown coord.
A theme park will appear, whichever one you wear,…🎠
Which colour will you wear? 💗


DreamV/Oishi Ran

Sweet and super girly! Become a girls manga protagonist with this pink coordinate 💘
The bright red heart bag and fairy tale-esque red pumps add a fresh accent ♡

大石蘭 DearMyLove
DreamV/Oishi Ran


DreamV/Oishi Ran

This girly printed jumperskirt is a pure, dreamy white. The clean white is ideal for a pure maiden…🌙
We’re in love with the innovative and fluffy cotton candy bag 🌈


DreamV/Oishi Ran


DreamV/Oishi Ran

This fantastical brown coordinate features adorable teddy and bunny motifs to bring out the theme park concept 🐻🐰
It has a calm, classic, and girly image 💗

DreamV/Oishi Ran

Check out Oishi Ran online ♡

Web :

A one-way ticket to the amusement park of your dreams…

We’ve fallen in love with all of the girly collaboration items..!💞
Which coordinate will you wear to the theme park gate?

Foe more details, check out the official website ✨


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎