❤︎ Rosy-Baroque ❤︎

A stylish vintage shop in Shibuya 💘

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A store that’s lined up with fashionable items…👗👠
vintage store stocking items from the 1920’s until now, with each item fitting perfectly within “An Actress’s Closet”✨

Today we’ll be introducing you to Rosy-Baroque 💓

Exploring Rosy-Baroque ♡

 💋 Store History

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Rosy-Baroque is the sister store to NUDE TRUMP, a vintage store on the 3rd floor of the same building 🌹
It opened in 2008, importing vintage items from America ✨

 💋 Concept

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Rosy-Baroque’s concept is “Sweet and Sensual” 💋💕

The store is full of sweet vintage items with a hint of spice…Each item could be found inside an actress’s dressing room 💓

Their headdresses are so popular🎀

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Rosy-Baroque’s most popular item is their headdresses ✨
The store is covered in a variety of headdresses, from chic to sweet 🌸

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A mysterious charm that can only be found in vintage items…🌹💕
Just stepping into the shop will leave your heart racing 💓

❤︎ I Love Vintage ❤︎

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Each era comes together…
Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding or party, or just searching for a costume, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Rosy-Baroque💍


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Many customers come in search of Flapper dresses and headdresses after fallen in love with the 1920’s styling of “The Great Gatsby”. ♡

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With clothing, shoes, accessories and more, you can build an entire coordinate on the spot… so you won’t go home only to discover that certain items don’t match! 🐰

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For the latest information, check them out on social media 💘

 🌹 Twitter【 @RosyBaroque 

 🌹 Instagram【 @rosy_baroque



Rosy-Baroque posts the latest item information and staff coordinates on their social media 💘
Make sure to follow them for regular updates 🌈

If you’ve fallen in love with a certain item… Visit the store as soon as you can! 🐰✨

 🌹 Store Information 🌹

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Rosy-Baroque (ラウジーバロック)
Location: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jinnan 2-12-14, Hoshi Building 6F
Phone: 03-3463-7809
Opening Hours: 12:00~20:00

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If you’re in search of the perfect vintage item, head on down to Rosy-Baroque…💓


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎