Celebrate this Christmas with Cinnamoroll ♡

🎄DECKS Tokyo “Christmas With Cinnamoroll”🎄


To celebrate winning the Sanrio Character Ranking for two consecutive years, Cinnamoroll will be collaborating with Odaiba’s DECKS Tokyo Beach this Christmas!✨🎄
The event will be held from November 16th until December 25th, 2018 🎅


Today we’ll be introducing you to some of the upcoming dishes and events ♡

🎅Too cute to eat! ♡ Collab menu🎅

The Tokyo Koi Terrace and ANCHORS restaurants in the DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall will be celebrating Cinnamoroll with a limited collaboration menu!✨
It’s cute and Instagrammable♡

⛄Cinnamoroll Fluffy Pancakes at ANCHORS (3F)

This fluffy pancake is topped with mascarpone cream and a marshmallow Cinnamoroll…♡¥1,500

⛄Cinnamoroll Marshmallow Latte at ANCHORS (3F)

 This cute latte is topped with fluffy whipped cream, colourful marshmallows, and Cinnamoroll ♡ ¥980 

⛄Cinnamoroll Pafait at Tokyo Koi Terrace (3F)

 A delicious parfait with ramune and milk tea ice cream, topped with sweet and sour strawberries 🍨
 The tiny Cinnamoroll balanced on top is so cute! ✨ï¿¥1,100

⛄Cinnamoroll Strawberry Sundae at Tokyo Koi Terrace (3F)

 This strawberry sundae is served in a sweet Cinnamoroll cup ♡ ¥500

 There’s more where that came from!♡
 Why not go and see it for yourself?✨

♡Availability: 2018/11/16 ~ 12/25
♡Opening Hours: ANCHORS 11:00~22:00 (LO 21:30)
                  Tokyo Koi Terrace 11:00~21:00 (LO 20:30)

⛄Sanrio Cafe Wagon

Enjoy easy to eat crepes, doughnuts, and other Sanrio sweets with the Sanrio Cafe Wagon 🍩✨

♡Availability: 2018/12/01 ~ 12/02
♡Opening Hours: 11:00~19:00
♡Location: Island Mall 1F  (In front of Mcdonalds) 

🎅Meeting Cinnamoroll!? Limited Event 🎅

 Not only can you meet Cinnamoroll, but you could also get your photo taken with him!♡
 Don’t miss this exciting event ♡

⛄Cinnamoroll Christmas Plaza

 Check out the DECKS Tokyo Christmas event✨
 There will also be a Cinnamoroll photo spot 🌈


♡Availability: 2018/11/16 ~ 12/25
♡Location: Seaside Mall 3F DECKS Plaza

⛄Cinnamoroll Waggon

 Grab a snack from the cute and fluffy Cinnamoroll Wagon! ✨
 Try snapping a photo with it 🌈

♡Availability: 2018/11/23 ~ 11/25
♡Opening Hours: 11:00~16:00
♡Location: Island Mall 1F (In front of Mcdonalds) 

⛄Cinnamoroll Meet & Greet

 Meet Cinnamoroll at this free meet and greet event🎄
 If you’re early, you can snap a selfie with Cinnamoroll himself♡  
 Plus, if you beat him in rock-paper-scissors, you might receive a present…!? ✨

♡Availability: 2018/12/23 ~ 12/24
♡Meeting Hours: ①12:00~, ②14:00~, ③16:00~,
♡Location: Seaside Mall 3F, DECKS Plaza
※Content may change without notice

⛄Sweet Christmas Lottery

 You can enter the Christmas Lottery for a chance to win a Cinnamoroll plush toy!✨
 Make sure to try your luck ♡

♡Availability: 2018/12/23 ~ 12/24
♡Opening Hours: TBA 
 ※Will be announced on the DECKS Tokyo Beach HP
♡Location: Seaside Mall 5F, Restaurant Plaza
♡Application: You will receive one entry with a receipt over ¥2000 (up to 3 entries per person) ※Only receipts from the same day will be counted 

Meet Cinnamoroll this Christmas…♡

 Why not visit Odaiba DECKS Tokyo Beach for a cute and fluffy Christmas?✨🎄🎅

🎄Details can be found here🎄


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎