Add some colour to your day with these pastel accessories~💜


Soft, round, and pastel.
Brighten up your day by adding some of Conpeitou.‘s yumekawa handmade accessories to your coordinate 💖

Accessories from dreamland…

🍭What is Conpeitou.?🍭


Conpeitou. is a handmade yumekawaii and yamikawaii accessory brand, owned by mST. 💘


Her high-quality, resin accessories come in a variety of sweet colours – Just one look will leave you feeling energised…💜


The brand concept is “Adding colour to your daily life!

Their accessories are perfect for yumekawaii and yamikawaii fans, featuring dreamy motifs such as angel wings, tablets, and pistols ✝️✨

🍭Who is mST?🐻🍭


mST has been selling handmade accessories online since she was  a student in 2007 💜

“Conpeitou.” originally opened in 2009, but she’s only been actively promoting the brand at exhibitions and events since April 2012 🐻✨

She started making colourful items, focusing on “adding colour to your daily life” ♡

mST has even appeared in Harajuku streetsnaps with the group #QQQjp ♡

🍭They look like fancy toys…
Conpeitou.’s dream-coloured accessories🍭

Conpeitou.’s accessories really do add colour to your daily life!💖
Today we’ll be introducing you to some of her sweet pastel accessories✨

♡Yumekawa Frilled Bracelet


Nurse-style frilled bracelets 💕
Add a dreamy twist to your outfit by wearing them as cuffs ♡


▷Item page♡

♡Tablet Rings


These pill rings are so cute, you’ll want to eat them!
Despite the sickly motifs, the candy-like colours transform these rings into a cute outfit addition♡🙆



▷Item Page♡

♡Wing Necklace


A syringe charm with yumekawaii wings ✨
The sour syringe is balanced out by the sweet wings!

♡Pistol Necklace


A yamikawa pistol necklace.
If it was this kind of gun, maybe it’d be fun to try shoot it…?💘

Angel Wing Clips


These angel wing clips would look adorable in any hairstyle 👼
They’re Conpeitou.’s #1 most popular item!✨


They come in all kinds of designs, including aurora and yamikawaii motif styles 💓
We want to collect them all!♡


You can also get devil wing clips♡

▷Item Page♡

Add colourful accessories💜💛💙

Whilst making her accessories, mST thinks that simple and colourful is best: This way each item can be worn in all kinds of coordinates. Each handmade item is unique, often with slight differences, made especially for the person who will be wearing them ✨

By knowing how much thought has gone into each item, your coordinate may become even more exciting..✨

🍭Official Accounts🍭

What did you think of Conpeitou.?💜

For more information, follow her on social media💓

Insta  :@_conpeitou_
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