“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎ 量産型ヲタクさんや地雷系の女の子にぴったりなアクセサリーなどのファッション小物やサンリオキャラクターの雑貨やインテリアを販売しています❤︎

💕 Cafe Hoseki-Bako is cute and retro 💕

Have you slipped back in time?

This cafe is reminiscent of the Showa period in Japan…🌆☎
Cafe Hoseki-bako is a retro cafe that’s been super popular on social media 🎀


It can be found near Chitose-karasuyama station in Tokyo ♡

*Hoseki-bako means jewellery box in Japanese

🌹The secret of Cafe Hoseki-bako🌹

The cafe will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary tomorrow ♡


Cafe Hoseki-bako opened in 2009, meaning it will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in 2019 🎀👑

The concept is…
“A retro world embracing 1970~1980’s girls culture”
You can listen to nostalgic music while enjoying vintage shoujo manga and toys!💘

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Kanai, Cafe Hoseki-Bako’s owner, used to work for a company before opening the cafe 🏢

I want to enjoy the Showa period in a bar or pub…
But I don’t feel comfortable anywhere…

With that, Kanai decided to open her own Showa-style shop ✨

💖Kanai’s comic-essay book about opening her shop is now on sale 💖

♡Popular on SNS♡


“I want people from both my generation and the current generation to be able to enjoy the culture of the 70’s/80’s as they sip on a cup of tea…💭💝」

This was how the cafe started but…


It quickly became a hit on social media, with young girls flooding in to check the store out 💗
We were told that parents often enter with their children to enjoy a relaxing drink✨

The most popular menu item is… “Cream Soda Jewellery Box”💍


When you think of a cute menu item, it has to be a cream soda🍒

Cafe Hoseki-bako first started serving this colourful soda in seven limited flavours to celebrate the cafes 7th anniversary ♡
It was so popular that was added the permanent menu as the “Cream Soda Jewellery Box” 💖


The flavours are: Topaz (pineapple), Aquamarine (ramune), Emerald (melon), Rose Quartz (peace), Ruby (strawberry), and Amethyst (grape)👑
If you’re lucky, you might be able to taste one of the cafes limited seasonal flavours 🍓

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the super aesthetic Aquamarine and Rose Quartz flavoured sodas 💖

💙Aquamarine ¥550💙

You’ll be enchanted by this gentle blue drink…💙
The nostalgic ramune flavour will bring back memories of summer 📛
Your drink will get lighter as the ice cream slowly melts…🎠

💗Rose Quartz ï¿¥550💗

If you love pink, we recommend this peach soda🍑
You can’t get enough of this sweet, fruity peach drink ♡
The carbonation isn’t too strong, making it ideal for people who can’t normally drink soda 🐰💞

A cherry is carefully placed on top of your ice float 🍒
You can also get an adorable rose topping for an extra ï¿¥50🌹

Of course, you can also enjoy coffee and cake at Cafe Houseki-bako 💓
What will you want to order?

🌹When should you visit?🌹

Cafe Houseki-bako is a small cafe in a residential area with only eight seats 🍭

Often it can be too busy to find a seat…😢

We’ve been told that it’s relatively quiet upon opening on weekdays,
But you can actually make a reservation by phoning or sending an email💕
(Check out the official HP for details♡)

You can find out how busy the shop is by checking the cafes official Twitter 🎠

Make sure you check how busy the shop is before you visit 🍒

Which Jewellery will you pick today?🌹

What did you think of Cafe Houseki-Bako?
Slip back in time as you sip on a glass of colourful soda at this nostalgic cafe…💖

🌹Shop Information🌹

🏠Address: Tokyo, Setagaya, South Karasuyama 4-18-18, Koyama Mansion 102
⏰Opening Hours: 12:00〜18:30(L.O 18:00)
📅Holidays: Tuesdays



“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎