🎄Heartful Sweets Christmas 2018💓

The “Heartful Sweets Christmas 2018” is being held at Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest between November 3rd and December 25th, 2018 ✨
“Enjoy a happy, shining Christmas with the magic of sweets” is the theme of this gorgeous and exciting Christmas event, with enough sweets and cake for everybody♡


🌟Limited Christmas Menu

There are six new desserts to try, each featuring Christmas colours and motifs♡

♡Merci Crepe「X’mas White Chocolate Berry」

A delicious crepe with custard cream, strawberry sauce and white chocolate sauce. This voluminous crepe is topped with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream💓

♡Lovely Ice Cream「White X’mas Waffle」

A heart shaped berry ice cream and homemade waffles, topped with a mixed berry jam🍓

♡HONG KONG SWEETS Scent「Shinowa・Christmas」

A cake made up of matcha almond tofu, milk pudding, and raspberry jelly 🍰✨
It’s perfect for Christmas!💖

♡Berry Berry「X’mas Strawberry Rare Cheesecake」


An adorable raspberry cheesecake, held together within a Santa cup 💖

♡Patisserie Shelly Brown「X’mas Caramel Banana Tart」

A tart cake, topped with plenty of almond cream, a caramel custard cream, chopped bananas, and whipped cream ✨
The whipped cream is super cute and perfect for Christmas 💖

🌟Sweets Forest Christmas Cake Reservation

Noel Rouge/Amaou Christmas Shortcake/Milk Crepe – Mont Blanc Noel

You can reserve these Christmas cakes from Sweets Forest as until the 20th of December✨
They’re simple, cute, and sweet!🍰
Enjoy this Christmas cake with your friends, family, and loved ones 💘

🌟Plus, a Sylvanian Families special collaboration!

A limited edition Sylvanian Families 3D sugar cake is also available🐰💖! It’s perfect for both children and adults 😊💕

🌟Christmas Lights

“A heartful Christmas with lights and fruits, hidden within the forest of sweets” is the theme of this years Christmas tree!
Plus, Sweets Forest has been decorated with bright Christmas lights!💓
Due to it’s popularity last year, the entrance has once again been decorated with over 10,000 Christmas lights✨
There are even props and Christmas goods available for those who want to take cute photos for their social media!

🌟Celebrate Christmas at Sweets Forest!

Did any of the limited sweets catch your eye?
Make sure to reserve your spot now!🍰💖

Celebrate Christmas in style with tasty cakes and colourful decorations at Sweets Forest💓

▷Sweets Forest Official Website

💌:Tokyo, Meguro, Jiyugaoka 2-25-7, “La Cool Jiyugaoka”


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎