“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎ 量産型ヲタクさんや地雷系の女の子にぴったりなアクセサリーなどのファッション小物やサンリオキャラクターの雑貨やインテリアを販売しています❤︎

🌷Swankiss 2019 Spring Collection🌷

🎀 New Romantic & Girly Items

Swankiss is known for it’s sweet, romantic, fantasy world 🎀☁

The brands new Spring ’19 collection concept “ChuuuLip“🌷♡


Today we’ll be introducing you to this brand new collection♡


ï¼ xoxo0614

These pink Spring designs give off the image of a princess who lives in a forest…🌷

The new designs are covered in sweet Swankiss motifs, including frills, hearts, gems, and tulips…♡



A princesses-like tulip one-piece🌷

You’ll want wear it out as soon as possible✨



A romantic and elegant pastel pink dress using a damask fabric ♡

Why not enjoy a Spring tea party in this gorgeous dress? ☕✨



Next up is a girly heart-print romper♡

Start your Spring with this heart-racing piece…🌷✨

🎀Twin Coordinates: Double Lovely


You can match your coordinate with a friend thanks to the colour variations available with each design♡


Why not try twinning next time you go out together?🌈

🎀Heart-Racing♡Super Cute Accessories


You won’t be able to take your eyes off these twinkling handbags✨
It seems like they’ll be strong and durable thanks to the thick handle♡


Why not carry one as a sparkling picnic basket?🎀

Harajuku『Cafe Yolum』Limited Collaboration

2019/01/19 ~ 2019/01/20♡

They also have a surprise announcement for any girly fans \♡/

Not only will Swankiss be releasing their 2019 Spring Collection,
They will also be collaborating with the pink Harajuku cafe, Cafe Yolum 🎀

Swankiss 2019春『ChuuuLip』*カフェヨルムでコラボメニューも登場

They will be releasing collaboration drinks and hot dogs on January 19th and 20th ♡


If you saw this on social media, you’d definitely want to check it out for yourself, right?🌹❤︎

♡Store Information♡

Cafe Yolum
Address: Shibuya, Jingumae, 1-21-15 ATM Building 2F
   One minute walk from Takeshita Doori Station
Opening Hours: 11:00~19:00 (Closed Thursdays)

♡Official Website♡

♡Official Instagram♡

Girly in 2019~♡

The Spring Collection will be available from January🌷

Enjoy girly fashion to the fullest in 2019✨



♡Official Homepage

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🌷Swankiss Producer: Hayashida Saaya🌷

♡Official Twitter

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“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎