Her soft and fancy artwork will make your heart skip a beat…💓

˖✧Illustrator “natsuha”✧˖°


natsuha is a popular fancy girls illustrator 🍭
She’s popular with young girls thanks to her shoujo manga-esque artwork ♡

Today we’ll be introducing you to natsuha and her unique artwork✨


Her artwork concept is…💕

“Turning happiness and sadness into cuteness♡”


natsuha’s concept is…💗
“Turning emotions, from happiness to sadness, into cuteness♡”

Her artwork bridges the gap between your ideal life and reality…🎠

💗 “Happiness” 💗


Today is an important date…💘
You can almost hear this characters heart beating out of her chest! 🐰


This fancy POP girl was drawn by hand 🍭🌈
Her cheeky expression adds to the mischievous atmosphere ♡

💙 “Sadness” 💙


She also draws depressed, sad girls…💙
It’s easy for girls to relate to her artwork 💞


This adorable pastel girl seems to be mad at somebody…💝

♡Her seasonal artwork is so cute~♡

natsuha started posting her artwork online in 2014 ✨
She changes her style depending on the season ♡

🏖👙 Summer Girls 🐠🌺


Fancy bikini beach girls💕
The scattered Conpeitou candy adds a dreamy touch to the scene 🎠🌙

⛄ Winter Girls ❄


You pile on the layers during the winter…⛄
The fuzzy bear earmuffs are so cute!🐻


A couple on Valentines Day 💑🍓
Their love for one another can be felt just by looking at the drawing..!💘


Do you want to see more of her artwork?🎠💕

Design Festa Booth 💒


If you want to get your hands on natsuha’s artwork 🙋💕
She often attends Design Festa and other artwork events, where you can even request your own original drawing ♡
Would’t it be wonderful to own your very own original picture…?💭💕


She also offers original goods, including these limited 2018/11 Design Festa vol.48 keyrings 🍭
Power up with these energetic and fancy girls!♡

Get the latest info on social media ✨

Get event information and the latest artwork by following natsuha on her social media…♡
You can find her on Twitter and Instagram 👀💕



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“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎