100% Strawberries 😍🍓 Brand new event at Sanrio Puroland 💕

Sanrio Puroland will be holding a new strawberry themed event, “SWEETS PURO ~Welcome to the Strawberry Party”, between the 18th of January and the 12th of March.
What kind of event will it be…? 😍


My Melody Strawberry Illuminations “Ichigo♪Ichie” 🍓♬

Puroland will be revealing their new My Melody illuminations, “Ichigo♪Ichie” 🎀

Plus, My Melody will be wearing a brand new strawberry themed dress! 👀

🎀Event Information🎀

♡Dates: 2019/01/18 ~ 03/12
♡Location: Sanrio Puroland 1F Puro Village
♡Show Duration: 10 minutes
♡Featured Character: My Melody

Strawberry Pink Lights🍓💕

The strawberry pink “Ichigo🍓Ichie”  illuminations will be switched on following the performance in Puro Village💕

You could take so many cute selfies with the adorable pink lighting!!💕

Strawberries Galore❣️Limited Sweets💕🍰

Puroland will be releasing brand new strawberry sweets for the upcoming event💕 Check out these adorably photogenic desserts♡

My Melody’s Strawberry Shortcake 🎀🍰

A square My Melody shortcake, topped with a My Melody cutout 🍰
Mymelo will cast her magic and make the cake even more delicious!♡

♡Price: ¥700

Cinnamoroll’s Strawberry Parfait 🐶💙


A Cinnamoroll themed strawberry parfait 🍓💓
Cinnamoroll looks so cute… and tasty♡

♡Price: ¥800

Wish Me Mell’s Strawberry Doughnuts🐰💓

An undeniably photogenic Wish Me Mell doughnut 🍩💕

♡Price: ¥600

Chiffon’s Strawberry Fluffy Souffle 🐶💕


A souffle made to look like Chiffon’s face!✨
This fluffy dessert looks like it’ll melt in your mouth…♡

♡Price: ¥500

Milk’s Yogurt ~Strawberry Mix~🍼

A sweet and sour strawberry yogurt drink!♡

♡Price: ¥600

※All prices include tax

Limited Character Greetings 🐰🐱🐶

Strawberry themed character greetings🍓

Each character will be decked out in a strawberry themed outfit✨
Maybe you’ll bump into one of them..?💗

【Location】1F Entertainment Hall
※Characters may also appear in their regular costumes.

Special Sweets Greeting 🍰 (Paid)

There will be an opportunity to take a two-shot photo with My Melody and Hello Kitty who will be wearing their brand new, sweets themed costumes!
Puroland will also be hosting events on Valentines Day and White Day 🍰

🎀Detailed Information🎀

Dates: 2019/02/16, 17 // 03/09, 10
※Opening date subject to change.
※Paid photo opportunity
※Details will be announced on a later date♡

More events available!💗

Take a photo with a giant strawberry in the 3F Rainbow Hall 📸

Acrylic Keychain (Each ï¿¥756)

Puroland have announced new strawberry themed character goods🍓
Collect them all!

Enjoy a sweet strawberry with the Puroland gang♡

Get more details on upcoming Puroland events on their social media 💗


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎