They’re popular with Harajuku girls, dreamy cute fans, China girls, and wa-lolis; Introducing the yumekawa China kei anime characters ☆


Mahou Shoujo Chuukana Pai Pai! and Mahou Shoujo Chuukanai Panema!

The original yumekawa China Musume was Chuukana Pai Pai ♡


This was broadcast in 1989 at 9-9:30AM on a girls’ TV Channel on Sunday mornings♪


With a magical compact similar to “Himitsu no Akko-chan”, and a magic wand, she was a magical girl who fought the evil villain. It was extremely popular with young girls, even before Sailor Moon existed


The protagonist of Pai Pai was Ozawa Natsuki. However after the lead quit, the series ended early and restarted with a new protagonist, Shimazaki Wakako.


Chuukana Pai Pai was this kind of program ↑↑


Chuukana Pai Pai’s magical compact, magical wand, and necklace were popular and magical girl style toys became trendy ☆


Ranma 1/2 ‘s Shampoo

Mangaka Rumiko Takahashi’s original publication started in 1987, and in 1989 an anime broadcast was decided ☆ It another hit for the mangaka who also wrote “Urusei Yatsura”.


In the anime the protagonist goes to China with his father to train, but they fall into a cursed fountain. This means that when splashed with water, Ranma turns into a young girl, and his father turns into a panda. After returning home, it is revealed that unbeknown to him, Ranma’s father has arranged Ranma’s marriage. And so, his daily life of living with fiancee Akane begins♪


Ranma 1/2 Opening Song ↑↑


When Ranma 1/2 came out, Shampoo with her long blue Chinese styling odango hair was also popular ♡


Gintama’s Kagura

This is Kagura, the super popular heroine of Gintama♪ In the summer of 2017 a Gintama live action movie will be released, and from the new year the anime will restart with a midnight airing time.


In chapter 292, there is also a story all about Kagura’s odango covers♪


Special feature video for the July 2017 live action movie↑↑



Dr Rin ni Kiite Mite!

She is the protagonist of shoujo mangaka Arai Kiyoki’s manga and anime “Dr. Rin ni Kiite Mite!” , Kanzaki Meirin ☆ The tale of love, fun, and feng shui, and the franchises toys, were popular with girls ☆


Kuroshitsuji’s Ranmao (藍猫)

Ranmoa (藍猫) from Toboso Yana’s popular dark fantasy manga・anime・film・musical, Kuroshitsuji ☆


Cardcaptor Sakura’s Li Mei Rin(李苺鈴)

Li Mei Rin from CLAMP’s original manga Cardcaptor Sakura ♡


Streetfighter’s Chun-Li (春麗)

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Jiangshi’s TenTen

The protagonist from the 1980’s Taiwanese movie 幽幻道士 (Jiangshi/Kyonshi) & RaiRai! Kyonshi,  TenTen♪ The gurokawa horror-comedy film and drama series aimed at kids was very popular in Japan ☆ It’s a kids action story about the living dead♪ TenTen was a magical girl who could cast spells and exorcise spirits.


D.C.II’s Asakura Yume


LilPri’s Sasahara Natsuki



Touhou Project’s Ibaraki Kasen



Mahou Sensei Negima!’s Narutaki Fumika & Cheo Rin Shen



Full Metal Alchemist’s Mei Chan



Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters’ Vivian Won


Mamotte Shugogetten!’s Rishu


That was our collection of China Kei odango characters!