【Yumekawa♡Yamikawa brands】

Whether you like pastel fairytale-esque Yumekawaii clothing, or the Yamikawaii fairy clothing with a poisonous atmosphere, we’ll be introducing you to all the cutest nationwide Yumekawa & Yamikawa brands



(♡ Hareame Imoto♡)

「Hareame(はれあめ)」is kawaii select shop which opened in Akihabara on June 2017♡



(♡ Listen Flavor ♡)

Despite it’s punk rock origins, the Harajuku kei brand Listen Flavor☆ It’s cutsews and collaboration items are super cute, and available in all kinds of unisex designs♪

(♡ To Alice ♡)

In November 2016, the Chinese lolita & yumekawa brand To Alice opened its first Japanese store in Takeshita Doori, Harajuku ♡

Girly, yumekawa, fairy, sweet lolita, casual lolita, china-style lolita, uniforms, kids items… It sells all kinds of adorable Harajuku style items☆


(♡ bobon21 ♡)

Bobon21, the yumekawa Harajuku brand created by model and designer, Rimo♡

Bobon21 (Bo-bon Niijuuichi) is a shop specialising in yume kawaii and fairy kei fashion♡ They produce sugary sweet, girly clothing and accessories. With ero-kawa items which use sheer and lacy fabrics to reveal your feminine charm, and pastel coloured girly items with a retro feel, it has plenty of fuwafuwa lovely style items ☆

(♡ Nile Perch ♡)

NILE PERCH is the fairy kei brand that everyone knows about ☆ It’s a popular handmade clothes and accessories brand, with romantic and girly designs that look like you’ve entered a toy box ☆ With baby motifs, it’s trademark gentle, fluffy, fancy ero-kawa negligee dresses, and cute, retro, animal print t-shirts & cutsews, it’s clothes and accessories are super popular♪



(♡ min plume♡)




(♡ MILK ♡)



(♡ Lafary ♡)

Lafary is a shop selling goods featuring the art of popular illustrators, it’s a brand that’s popular with yume kawaii girls ♡

LaFary sells yumekawa illustrator and creator goods at many events, such as Design Festa, Comiket, doujin events, and events held in department stores. For those who can’t attend events in because they live in rural areas or because they can’t get the day off (;_;), it has the easy-to-use LaFary webshop, where you can buy all your favourite yumekawa illustrator goods ☆








“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎





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