Even those who can’t knit can use this♡

Using this knitting machine toy released by Takara Tomy, you can easily make your own DIY yumekawa fluffy fashion ♡


You can easily handmake scarves, plushies, hats, and gloves, fluffy knit items perfect for dressing up in the cold season! Here is everything you need to know about this easy knitting toy♡

The Japanese toy company Takara Tomy is currently selling lots of different yumekawa knitting toys for girls ♡

You can find these sorts of toys all over the world, but Japanese toys are covered in hearts, ribbons, wings… tons of yumekawa design and decorations! This special “fancy” style is super cute☆


AmuKawaAmina (Takara Tomy)


AmuKawaAmina (あむかわアミーナ) is a knitting toy which was released by Takara Tomy

By sliding the handles on left and right you can produce a flat knit with the yarn, which is perfect for making things like scarves and pouches☆


♥Takara Tomy『AmuKawaAmina』 Official Homepage:

On the homepage you can find detailed information on topics such as an introduction to knitting, how to use the yarn, knitting illustrations, and it even has illustration sheets which you can download for free to use on your own items ☆

Here is the AmuKawaAmina CM↑↑

The yumekawa designs are super cute☆

How to use the basic functions of AmuKawaAmina ☆ How to create a flat stitch↑↑

You can use 22 different girly illustrations in your knitting, including strawberries, cupcakes, unicorns, bears, pandas, candy, ice cream, and ribbons♡ How to add illustrations to your knitting↑↑

Of course there are also various illustration sheets you can download on the official homepage ☆

Here is a video on how to use AmuKawaAmina (27 minutes) ↑↑

This video goes into detail about how to set it up and insert the yarn ☆ Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you’ll be an AmuKawaAmina professional!


あむかわ アミーナ
あむかわ アミーナ

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タカラトミー (2016-11-10)
売り上げランキング: 929



With the Mocomoji Oriina, you can use fluffy yarn to create knit items with cute writing on, and even children can use it ♡

You can use writing stencils, and since the weaving machine can be adjusted automatically you can slide the thread left to right easily.


Takara Tomy『Mocomoji Oriina』Official Homepage:

Takara Tomy『Mokomoji Oriina(Latest Version) Fuwa Moco Ponpon』Official Homepage:

With the latest version, you can use pompom yarn – both cost the same price


Mocomoji Oriina CM↑↑

You can easily make a scarf with your favourite phrases on it ♡

The Mokomoji Oriina Fuwa Moco Ponpon CM shows it mixing both fluffy yarn and pompom wool to create a super duper kawaii product ↑↑

How to use the basic functions of the Mokomoji Oriina♡How to weave short things↑↑

A tutorial on how to weave long things like scarves ↑↑

モコもじ オリーナ ふわもこ ポンポン
タカラトミー (2016-10-01)
売り上げランキング: 316

There are others too♡There are tons of egg-shaped knitting toys♡

You can easily knit tube shapes using the round egg-like knitting machines, which are also popular☆


AmyAmuTamagoPonPon My Melody (Takara Tomy)

The AmuAmuTamagoPonPon My Melody is another knitting toy from Takara Tomy, which features a yumekawa design with Sanrio’s My Melody on it♡

You can use it to easily create a My Melody plush, or a cute scarf☆

Takara Tomy 『AmuAmuTamagoPonPon My Melody』 Official Homepage:

You can DIY a My Melody plush toy using white and pastel pink yarn♡

You can use fluffy yarn too ♡

There is a Hello Kitty version ♡

And a version featuring Marie from Disney’s Aristocats♪

And even a Cinnamon Roll version☆

There are many many other versions of the egg-shaped machine, even designs from Frozen♪There are also different designs from overseas companies, which are not available in Japan☆ We think they will be interesting to see♪

How to use the egg-shaped knitting toys☆

You only have to crank the handle to knit, which is easy and fun


How to use Megahouse’s Kurutto Amyu Amyu↑↑

There are lots of different producers, but the instructions are often the same☆


あむあむたまご ポンポン マイメロディ
タカラトミー (2016-10-01)
売り上げランキング: 2,781
メガハウス (2016-09-15)
売り上げランキング: 7,006
ハローキティ あむあむたまご ポンポン ハローキティ
タカラトミー (2014-10-02)
売り上げランキング: 46,864
シュガーバニーズ あむあむシュガーバニーズ
タカラトミー (2008-11-14)
売り上げランキング: 246,972

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タカラトミー (2005-10-20)
売り上げランキング: 244,705
ディズニー あむあむアクセ スティッチ
タカラトミー (2008-10-17)
売り上げランキング: 152,035
ディズニー アナと雪の女王 あむあむたまごポンポン
タカラトミー (2015-09-17)
売り上げランキング: 19,541