Today we will introduce you to all kinds of cute, romantic, and girly cosmetics from Japan and overseas♥


Here is a list of kawaii cosmetic brands from around the world♪

You can find out more details on their official homepages☆


With products that look like magical girl weapons, Polly Pocket, and cute animals, PUPA creates yumekawa products that look like girls toys. They are a company from Italy who design unimaginably cute products, which attract every girl ♡



Whilst the heart shaped lipstick has become hugely sought after, the Italian brand KIKO isn’t available in Japanese stores yet♡ This brand is hugely popular in Europe for their affordable yet good quality products♪ (Not available in Japan)



This is a long-established brand which is popular worldwide♪ It was originally started when they created a perfume for a real princess, and became one of the worlds most popular perfumes♪ Their cheek products are also popular☆

Barry M(England)

A popular budget brand from England♪ Their nail products are especially popular☆

Soap and Glory UK(England)

This is a 50s/60s retro vintage themed girly brand, whose cute designs and low prices are popular all over the world☆ They also have a popular skincare range!


Benefit (America)

This famous retro-girly brand originated in America☆ Their eyebrow products are especially popular♪

Too Faced(America)

Too Faced is an American brand which is loved by girls around the world, which has girly and cutesy designs♡ With hearts and choco candy designs, these glittery cosmetics are super cute!

Pretty Vulgar(America)

The French inspired packaging from the American brand Pretty Vulgar is beyond cute ♡ With girly bird motifs, these beautiful cosmetics will take your breath away♡ (Not available in Japan)


With romantic, pastel designs and princess-like packaging, Etude House is a brand from Korea which has become popular all over the world♡


A Korean brand which is soldworldwide♪Their pore packs, foundation, base makeup、cat themed, and Gudetama collab cosmetics are all popular♪

Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE(France / Japan)

LADURÉE was established in Paris, making “edible cosmetics”♡They are licensed to be sold in Japan by ALBION. It is an elegant, luxury brand, with romantic Rococo designs which look like sweets♪

JILL STUART(America / Japan)

The cosmetics company “Kose” licensed the products by American fashion designer JILL STUART to be sold in Japan, and it became a huge hit♪ It’s girly, romantic cosmetics are super popular♡


MAJOLICA MAJORCA is produced by the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido♡ It’s loved for it’s sparkly, magical designs, and low-prices☆

ANNA SUI(America / Japan)

ANNA SUI is a cosmetics brand representing the American designer☆They are also licensed in Japan by ALBION. It is loved by girls for it’s gothic lolita kei, fantasy designs, and it’s perfumes are popular around the world☆


Yumekawa Makeup◎♡(Unicorn・Mermaid) Cosmetics Roundup 2017