♡Apps and Beads☆Dreamy Pixel Style Handmade Accessories☆

ENGLISH  2017.02.7

The Must-Have item for any Harajuku fairy or yume kawaii China girl!♡

This is all the information you need on the game looking “piko piko” handmade accessory brand “Apps and Beads”♪

Apps and Beads’s “Piko Piko” style accessories are yume kawaii☆


These Piko Piko style necklaces are super cute♪ Featuring a GameBoy, Famicom, and Floppy disc design☆


The 8 Bit design ribbon, crescent moon, love letter, and bear, are all super yume kawaii♡


The Piko Piko Panda design is extremely popular in yumekawa China kei coords☆


The genuine handmade products also feature a brand-logo charm♪


What is Piko Piko?

Piko Piko accessories are designs inspired by the 8bit aesthetic of retro games consoles, such as the Gameboy and Famicom,that were popular in the 1980’s. The rectangular pixel look of the game characters is recreated in the dot-by-dot design of piko piko accessories.

Piko Piko accessories, clothing, and music, are all super popular with China and Harajuku style yumekawa girls and boys ☆

Piko Piko kei is popular all over the world, Japan’s Harajuku kei and Japanese pop culture can even be found when you google “Kawaii”, “8bit”, or “Perler bead”



What is Apps and Beads?

Apps and Beads is a piko piko kei accessory brand designed and produced by Asami Kishikawa. It is very popular handmade brand with fans of Yume Kawaii. The products come in many various designs, and the dot images are the main charm point.

They create products iron on beads, work on the production, designs, and even hold workshops on how to create dot images, they’re active both in Japan and overseas☆

An iron beads lesson was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Hatsune Miku, which brought the creator worldwide attention, even featuring on French TV ♪

Official Home Page:http://appsandbeads.com/

Official Blog:http://smartphoneg.hatenablog.com/

Official webshop:http://nunchaku.theshop.jp/

Village Vanguard Feature:http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/6563/

Clothes, Blankets, Phoen Cases:https://suzuri.jp/nunchaku

Official Overseas Reseller:http://otakumode.com/nunchaku/

Facebook:Perler Beads Art Studio@perlerbeadsartstudio




Where can I buy Apps and Beads’ Piko Piko Accessories?

The handmade brand “Apps and Beads”’s piko piko styling is super popular with yumekawa fans, and their latest updates and newest releases can be found out first by following their Twitter – Check it out ☆

☆Where To Buy URL☆



Tokyo・Harajuku:LISTEN FLAVORTwitter


☆Where To Buy Online☆

Official webshop:http://nunchaku.theshop.jp/

Village Vanguard Feature:http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/6563/

Clothes, Blankets, Phoen Cases:https://suzuri.jp/nunchaku

Official Overseas Reseller:http://otakumode.com/nunchaku/



【Apps and Beads】China Panda Necklace (Pink x Purple)

The neon pastel pink and lavender combination is yume kawaii ♡ A China style Panda-san design Piko Piko necklace ☆


【Favourite Pink Collab】8bit Peropero (Favopin Pink)

A Piko Piko necklace with a pink drop keyring and sweet-kawaii lollipop design♡


【Menhera-chan Collab】Usatan Necklace

A yumekawa Piko Piko necklace featuring illustrator Ezaki Bisuko’s character Usatan ♡


【Apps and Beads】China Panda Barette

With this hair accessory you can make the perfect yumekawa China coord ☆


8bit Guruguru Panda Tshirt

A Piko Piko tshirt with a pastel gradation ♡ Girls and boys can both wear dreamy china clothes☆


Fancy 8Bit Monogram Wallet Phone Case

A piko piko yumekawa notebook style smartphone case ☆


Fancy 8Bit Monogram Full-Graphic T-shirt

It has the same kawaii print as the smartphone case ☆ Ghosts, angels, cherries, crescent moons, stars, and lollipops etc, make for a dreamy cute t-shirt ☆


Panda Ippai Panda Game Hoodie

Let’s play a piko piko panda game ♪ A super popular parka ☆ It may also be pleasant to push the buttons? ☆


【Apps and Beads】China Panda Necklace (Baby Sea Blue x Pink)

A yumekawa necklace featuring the super popular Piko Piko panda and Chinese symbols ☆


【Apps and Beads】Heart Life Necklace (Witchy Pink & Lavender)

With a life-gauge heart design, this is a lovely and yume kawaii iron-beads necklace♡


Piko Piko Game & Controller Necklaces【Meruhen Pastel Series】

This is absolutely perfect in a Piko Piko kei yumekawa coord ♡ This necklace features a game controller and gameboy style motifs♪ It also has a dangling alien chain ☆


【Apps and Beads】Ribbon Heart Necklace(Odo ver.)

A yume kawaii pastel lavender x mint necklace, with a Piko Piko ribbon design ♡


【Apps and Beads】Pixel Space Necklace(Blue)

This half-moon and star design necklace is totally yume kawaii ☆


【Apps and Beads】Ribbon Heart Necklace(Lovely ver.)

A dreamy cute necklace featuring a piko piko ribbon with hearts ♡