With all the Valentine’s day hype, there has been lots of delicious looking magazine freebies♡

Let’s check out the gifts from the 3/2017 issues of girls magazines, Ciao, Ribbon, and Nakayoshi

★☆Ciao 3/2017☆★

To get everyone fired up this Valentine’s day, the Ciao 3/2017 issue has tons of adorable Valentine themed items, even including an adorable chocolate themed pencil case! It comes with an amazing design-changing pen, a gift bag, nail stickers, and lots more♪


ちゃお 2017年 03 月号 [雑誌]
小学館 (2017-02-03)

Official Homepage:


So many sweet things☆ Ciao 3/2017 is available now☆

A Chao-Girl and a member of staff from the editorial department introduce the gifts from Chao’s march issue ☆

I want to use this on Valentines Day♡The chocolate motif pencil case and the other freebies are all so cute♡


☆♡Ribbon 3/2017♡☆

In Ribbon 3/2017, the Valentine’s excitement continues with realistic chocolate stationary♪

It comes with a grown-up looking compact sweets case, a chocolate ball pen, and a strawberry chocolate pen♪The strawberry pen has a sweet smell☆It also comes with lots of other goodies like stickers☆


りぼん 2017年 03 月号 [雑誌]
集英社 (2017-02-03)

The chocolate stationary is super sweet♡


♥♡Nakayoshi 3/2017♡♥

In the March issue of Nakayoshi you can find a set of 5 colourful candy-themed pens which come in Strawberry, Apple, Lemon, and Melon♡ These make your studying fun♪

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Nakayoshi 03/2017 [雑誌]


Official homepage:

Here is a review Nakayoshi 3/2017♪It features the new series “Precure A La Mode”, and adorable freebies☆



Ciao, Ribbon, Nakayoshi, we love all of them♡

Everyone, keep an eye out for these magazines where you are♪