Namaiki Ribon Wagamama Lace Vol.4♡Dreamy Artbook Released by Akio Namiki☆

ENGLISH  2017.02.22

“Namaiki Ribbon, Wagamama Lace” meaning: Cheeky Ribbon, Selfish Lace

You’ll want to decorate your own room after reading it~ The newest kawaii artbook has been released♡

“Namaiki Ribbon, Wagamama Lace” is being released by Akio Namiki, a dreamy hair and makeup artist who regularly works for KERA ♡


なまいきリボンわがままレース Vol.4



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You can also find out more about the models Yurano Ochi, Katou Nana, and Nakamura Risa, on Twitter☆

The hair and makeup artist Akio Namiki has released 3 volumes of the popular series “Namaiki Ribbon, Wagamama Lace” which are full of dreamy photoshoots☆

You can get volumes 2 and 3 easily♪Volume 1 can be found on auctions and in secondhand bookstores☆


Finally, here is an interview of the hair&makeup artist Akio Namiki~