KOTO♪Retro 80s Yumekawa China Music♪

ENGLISH  2017.02.22

Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about KOTO, the singer who has become popular with yumekawa fans in Japan and overseas♪

Her music is dreamy, with retro 1980s style influences♪

Who is KOTO?

KOTO is an idol who is currently still in high school. She will be holding her final live as a student on the 2nd of April 2017♪


Nickname: Kotora

Date of birth: 25th of August, 1998

Height: 147cm

Hobby: To communicate with the universe♪





KOTO is also a member of XIAOCHAIPON, a yumekawa china themed idol unit she formed with Hirano Yuri (Yurimaru @yurimaru_japan)♪


KOTO’s music videos have a dreamy retro theme♪

You should check out her official YouTube Channel, KOTOちゃんねる


KOTO/Platonic Planet

SixteenSick – KOTO

KOTO/Butou Yugi 【MV】


舞踏遊戯 (Type-A)
箱レコォズ (2016-08-09)