「Where can I buy Harajuku style printed pastel legwear??」

「I want unique tights, not the brand tights that everyone else wears☆」

「I want to buy tons of cute printed items from indie creators all at once♪」

If this sounds like you, then this article is for you! Today we’ll showcase a certain shop where lolita’s can easily find lots of cute tights~

In the Village Vanguard Creators Store, you can find all sorts of cute indie lolita and yumekawa handmade items, which can’t be bought in a shop. They sell tights, socks, clothing, accessories, and all sorts of other products.

Today we’ll showcase some adorable tights from Village Vanguard(*^▽^*)

絶対領域(Zettai Ryoiki)

Zettai Ryoiki specialises in gothic and lolita designs♡ If you’re after lolita or fairy kei socks, this is the place to look☆ They have over 350 unique designs♪



Sky blue constellation printed knee highs☆ We love how the bright and fluffy the clouds are♪



Melty Pancake Tights☆This asymmetrical design is stacked with yummy looking pancakes, and even features a strawberry-cream garter♪



Strawberry and choux cream berry parfait tights♡ The further the strawberries fall, the larger they appear..! These tights also feature a cute strawberry and ribbon garter!


(out of stock

These melty cream tights are perfect for pop coords♡The contrasting green border is super cute!



These melty chocolate knee-highs are selling like crazy♡They come in a wide variety of colours♪



Very romantic and gorgeous, lovely Lolita knee high tights ♡


(out of stock

These socks show off a yumekawa fantasy♡


These knee-highs are perfect for fairy style♡
Zettai Ryoiki sells all kinds of legwear, so be sure to check them out♪ are a brand with a dark fantasy theme. They sell butterfly themed collars as well as gothic lolita style socks, tattoo tights, and handmade accessories♪


Very gorgeous and romantic jewelry tights ♡


( sold out

The back of these tights feature flowing braids covered in butterflies♪There are also butterflies on the knees♡



These pale blue tights have a black and white tartan collar wrapped around the thigh like a garter☆ The back print shows lots of loose seams with just safety pins holding them together!




Lots of tasty sweets♪A ribbon appears to be wrapped around the thigh, and the cream coloured sweets make for a cute and classical design! has lots of other gothloli designs available too☆



Tokone is developing legwear of artwork designs such as artists and illustrators ☆ There are many art tights ♪




A hand-drawn sketchy illustration of a collaboration with a magical girl Minky Momo is very pop and cute pattern tights ☆ It is cute that a witch written in magical spell “Pipiruma Pipiruma puri rinpura”!



These unique and colourful ice cream tights shout “Yes!” on the butt and feet☆ This cute ice cream is topped with cat, pizza, ribbons, and various other fancy items!



These ero tights feature a cute girl using the telephone in lingerie, hidden by a wrapping ribbons♡


There are plenty of decorative pattern tights of various designs that look like artworks at the museum in tokone ☆ Please check it ♪


In private production brand marywest ☆, there is may gorgeous pattern tights perfect for princess lolita, handmade by designer mary ♡ There are other jewelry and Rolita clothes as well!



Together with a light blue princess lolita dress! Patterned tights full of gorgeous jewelry prints ♡ glittery and glittery ☆



These tights are covered in rows of gorgeous jewelry, ribbons, and flowers♡



SugarSugarBomb have produced a super popular collab with Sanrio♡



These OTKs show My Melody wandering through a strawberry field♡ The strawberry ribbon garter adds a girly touch~



These KikiLala printed socks feature a dreamy pink-to-blue gradient design☆ Check out the kawaii pegasus and colourful baloons!



These fresh and girly striped tights feature Cinnamoroll swimming in a fizzy glass of lemonade♪

As you’ve seen, you can buy all sorts of Harajuku, fairy, and lolita style legwear on the Village Vanguard Online Shop! Make sure to check out the webshop for more of their brands ♡


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎